Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Business around Ek Balam

Just a few pictures to show the businesses that are going on in EB

Flordinda selling a hammock

Andrew buys hammock from Armando's family

Rosa doing some inventory

Rosa's Ropas (clothing)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

VBS Pictures

A couple of pictures from our recent VBS in Ek Balam.

Kids responding to Jesus!

Vonda with the kids.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Life around Playa

Here are some picutres of my life and ministry specifically in

Ministering at the prison

Willy & Deb traveling from E.B. to Playa

Salsa dance ministry

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pictures of Alfredo's Journey

Here are several pictures of Alfredo's journey over the past few months.1st time on a bus!Alfredo giving his fingerprints.

In front of Angel Notion.

Hernia oppertaion at Angel Notion.

Dolphin Discovery day trip

Alfredo's sisters 1st time in the ocean!

Alfredo standing!

Friday, June 3, 2011


You have been hearing lots of stories, but now you can see what I have been up to:

Here we are passing out 1st Aid Kits.

Medication being dispensed.

Dr Eduardo at a dental clinic.

Diabetes check up by lalo

Hope you enjoyed these! More to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

April Update

FIELD TRIP! -You may remember, last August, praying about the van (now a school bus) that was donated to the school. The Director (Don Carlos), recently got permission from the government to take the kids on their 1st field trip ever , on April 1st (no foolin’… ha-ha-ha!)! For almost all of the children, this 2 hour drive to Tulum, was the farthest away from their homes that they had ever traveled! They had a great afternoon visiting the ruins and learning about their own culture. Imagine how exciting it must have been to walk on that soft, cool sand and step into the ocean and SPLASH away! Don’t you just love “first-times”!

Vacation Bible School Week with Vonda was off the charts! With her organization abilities, some Spanish skills, and a strong passion to work with kids, she captured their attention every day! Each day, they knew there would be Bible stories, creative activities, Spanish worship songs for kids & games (it was the 1st time they ever played “chicken-chicken-turkey”, which is the Mayan version of “duck-duck-goose”! They also had a blast experiencing their 1st “Easter/Resurrection egg hunt” – FUN!) . At the same time, this program was so diverse, that they stayed on their toes with anticipation. In fact, we sent invitations to the homes, saying that the first group would start at 1:30 p.m. and after the first day of fun, they began arriving BEFORE us! We had 20 to 50 children between ages 3 and 14, at any given time. P.T. L. for the help from Gabi & Tere, two young adults from the village! Once again, they did a fantastic job translating for us!

Let me share a few highlights of the week with you: first of all, seeing about 45 pairs of little hands go up, when we asked , “Who wants to go to heaven someday to live with Jesus forever?” that was the BEST! When I told them that the angels were celebrating in heaven, one child said, “they are all around us too!” (Thanks to all for your prayers!)

The stories they wrote about what they learned and enjoyed the most were precious! Some wrote about how Noah’s family obeyed & were saved from the flood (one child wrote, “even the smallest little ants got on Noah’s Arc. Jesus loves & adores me & is my Savior.”) Others wrote about how we will have problems; but Jesus is always with us & can calm our storms too (another child wrote, “the best day of my life was when we did the drama in the boat, because I was a disciple & I want to do it again”). Some wrote about how we are to share our blessings with others, just as Peter shared the fish. Hearing their stories & knowing that they learned something filled Vonda & my hearts!

On the final day, I asked the kids to bring a flower for Vonda, as an expression of appreciation. When they arrived at the park, I asked where their flowers were (they had all forgotten… kids will be kids!). I told them to hurry up and return with a flower. In that moment, there were about 50 kids running in all directions back home (it made me giggle)! One by one, they returned to me from north, south, east and west, with big smiles & holding their beautiful flowers up to the video camera! It was so sweet to see them handing Vonda their gift, as she handed each child a well- deserved certificate of participation. Hearts were melting and dripping with love & joy that night! Vonda also had given them each 2 Jesus fish necklaces as a gift (1 was to give to a friend of theirs & share Jesus at the same time). It was a God-incidence that the closing celebration was on “National Children’s Day” (April 30th)! Also, that they were on their Easter vacation that week! Bless Vonda’s heart abundantly for all the preparation, effort, and money that she invested in the Ek Balam kids!

Just before our trip to the village, I heard of a 30 year old man named, Rafael, who lost a lot of weight and was at the point of death. Rafael told me that he thought God was punishing him for not going to church… but I assured him that our Father is not a punishing God! A couple of hours after praying for his stomach, intestines, muscles, and ear; I stopped by to bring him a bible. He said that he could hear clearly again out of the ear (it had been muffled)! He happily received the Lord that day!

The update on Armando is that he is on the waiting list for a job at the ruins. His oldest son broke his arm, a couple weeks ago. Although it has only been a few months since his wife passed away, he is doing better. He said that he must keep moving forward at church and not return to a vice. He knows that God is trusting him with the responsibility of raising his 4 kids. I handed him a photo, of his mother with the family that gave a C.P.R. course, last November. Armando said he remembered that they bought a hammock to help with the medical & transportation bills. Andrew (C.P.R. trainer) wrote a letter to tell him, that his 2 year old daughter collected $200 USD in birthday presents for Armando’s family! Armando agreed that we will have problems in this life; but “ni modo” (oh well), God is with us & He is the only option we have to get through things. He said that the words in this letter were very special. I’m the fortunate one who got to see his expression of appreciation for Andrew’s family!

Once again, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your prayer support. Missionaries truly can’t survive out on the field without it! I also couldn’t be doing this work, without financial support. Please continue to pray about partnering with me in this way. Health insurance has gone up this year, so even occasional gifts when the Lord leads, will make a big difference! I really appreciate all of you & will keep you in my prayers too! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011


March 2011

I brought my 101 year old great Aunt Lucille a little piece of Ek Balam & she absolutely LOVED it! She even has a picture of Guadalupe (my adopted mom), who made the little hammock. My Aunt Clem flew me up to Massachussettes to "grandma sit" while she took her vacation. It was such a blessing to be able to pray over & minister to my 94 year old grandma! I was the only one in the family who could take the time out of the normal daily routine to be there. This reminded me that being a missionary is the BEST work ever! My aunt's friend was drawn to come to the house and introduce herself. She was so excited to meet a missionary! I told her it was a divine appointment, because she received Jesus in her heart that night!

The Oregon men's group is asking me to do a little more research on the land, before they go ahead and make a decision. Prayerfully, I will have some time to check into some of that when we go to the village next month.

I have a prayer request for the proposal for financial assistance, from the Federal Government to be approved. Marta, (my Dentist’s sister) who is a grant writer affiliated with the Fed. Gov’t, came with us for the follow up meeting with the Community Board Members. She explained a prerequisite to the agreement with the Gov’t is that they would be willing to set aside a portion of the land to be protected from animals being hunted and trees being cut down. There were 9 men who opted to donate a portion of their land to be conserved. We drove through 5 kilometers of overgrown dirt roads to take measurements of their land with her G.P.S. machine. At the end of the day, the Board Members signed the proposal request. We will have a response from the Gov’t in May. Prayerfully, they will be sending money for us to get started on a few projects that they will approve!